The future

of learning

What if one day every child had a super friend they could ask for help, raise their questions and learn anything, anytime, anywhere?

This is the future of learning we believe in.
Even more, this is the future we are building.

Peter Chat ūüėú

Bring fun back to learning

Messaging is today’s kids’ favorite way to communicate. Peter Chat is a Messenger tutoring bot that lets middle and high school students help each other out, for free.

Simply ask for help in Math, Physics, English or French and Peter connects you instantly with an other student ready to help by chat. It really works like magic!

Hundreds of thousands already love it.

Peter AR ūü§©

Bring magic back to learning

Children come into this world burning to learn and everyday moments are new discovery opportunities.

Peter AR is a mobile application that offers middle and high school students short and practical courses to learn new concepts and help them better understand school subjects.

The full experience is in augmented reallity.